Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.22: Περιεχόμενα και αναβαθμίσεις

9 μήνες πριν.

Ένα μικρό Patch

Ένα σχετικά μικρό patch καταφθάνει στο TFT μετά το release των 10.21 και 10.21B τον Οκτώβρη. Οι αλλαγές στο εν λόγω Patch έχουν να κάνουν με την ένταξη των ηρώων όπου αυτοί θα έκαναν καλύτερο Perform με διορθώσεις σε ήρωες όλων των ‘τιμών’.

Παρακάτω ακολουθεί μια λίστα με τις αλλαγές:


  • Players now take a minimum of one damage on losses.
  • Chosen roll chances are now displayed in the Shop tooltip.


  • Cultist Chosen now count as two Cultists and will grant Galio double the number of star levels (e.g., a two-star Elise will grant Galio four-star levels instead of two).
  • Keeper Chosen now count as two Keepers and grant double the amount of shields.
  • Dazzler Attack Damage Reduction: 50 percent to 50/80 percent
  • Dazzler Duration: 5/15 seconds to eight seconds
  • Ninja (4) Attack Damage and Spell Power: 150 to 140
  • Sharpshooter damage reduction per ricochet: 65/50/35 percent to 55/50/45 percent


One-cost champions

  • Fiora Chosen Bonus: Health to Max Mana Reduction
  • Lissandra 1000 Daggers Targeting: Attack Target to Highest Attack Damage
  • Vayne Silver Bolts Bonus True Damage: 40/75/125 to 50/90/140

Two-cost champions

  • Vi Chosen Bonus: Health to Max Mana Reduction
  • Vi Spell Damage 250/400/600 to 250/400/800
  • Vi Armor Shred Duration: Six to eight seconds

Three-cost champions

  • Akali Mana Lock after Spellcast: One second to 1.25 seconds
  • Evelynn Last Caress Damage: 350/500/900 to 350/500/1400
  • Nunu and Willump Consume Damage: 450/650/1,300 to 450/650/1,800

Four-cost champions

  • Ahri Spirit Bomb Damage: 500/750/3,000 to 475/675/3,000
  • Ashe: Fixed a bug where 4/5 of Ashe’s Flurry shots could not critically strike or be dodged.
  • Morgana: Updated her spell targeting to be slightly less random.

Five-cost champions

  • Ezreal Starting Mana: 75 to 90
  • Lee Sin Primary Stun Duration: 3/4/10 to 1.5/2/10 seconds
  • Lee Sin Secondary Stun Duration: 1.5/1.5/10 to 1.5/2/10 seconds
  • Lillia damage to break Sleep: 500/750/1,000 to 500/500/500
  • Sett Chosen Bonus: Health to Spell Power
  • Sett Spell Primary Target Damage: 35/45 percent to 40/60 percent max Health
  • Nunu and Willump will no longer eat Sett if he still needs to do sit-ups


  • Luden’s Echo Bonus Damage: Crowd-controlled or Shielded to Crowd-controlled targets
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap Spell Power: 70 to 75
  • Runaan’s Hurricane Bolt Damage: 75 percent to 100 percent Attack Damage
  • Statikk Shiv Damage: 75 to 80
  • Statikk Shiv Bonus Damage: 175 to 240
  • Statikk Shiv Fixed a bug where it could sometimes target invalid units (ie: during GA revive or Sett sit-ups)
  • Zeke’s Herald Attack Speed: 40 percent to 35 percent
  • ZZ’Rot Portal Taunt Duration: Two seconds to secod second
  • Fixed a bug where the Construct had 10 more AD than intended
  • Fixed a bug where you could access the initial Taunt by equipping ZZ’Rot mid-combat

Bug fixes

  • Divine’s damage reduction will no longer reduce true damage.
  • Exile will no longer fail to create their shield when placed next to a Galio summon.
  • Talon will now run through the attack flow when attacking with his spell. (This will trigger Rageblade, Shiv, etc)
  • Taunts will no longer persist if the taunter becomes untargetable

Οι παραπάνω αλλαγές μοιάζουν αρκετά ισορροπημένες και ελπίζουμε να μην έχουμε κανένα απρόοπτο.

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