Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4:Full Notes

7 μήνες πριν.

Nerf Divines!!

Αρκετές μεγάλες αλλαγές οι οποίες θα συνταράξουν το meta του παιχνιδιού, θα καταφθάσουν με το επερχόμενο patch 11.4.

Με το Festival of Beasts να αποτελεί γεγονός, η Riot αποφάσισε να εντάξει κάποιες αλλαγές στο chosen system. Πέραν αυτού, η Riot θα εντάξει αρκετές αλλαγές, με μια εξ’αυτών να αποτελεί την αλλαγή του Lanterns mechanic.

Εκτός αυτού, οι devs, αποφάσισαν να αλλάξουν λίγο τον τρόπο με τον οποίο δουλεύει το Chosens system. Πιο συγκεκριμένα, οι chosens θα αποδυναμωθούν με κάποιον τρόπο, ώστε να μην νιώθουμε άσχημα σε περίπτωση που δεν τους έχουμε ή θέλουμε να τους πουλήσουμε.

Τα παραπάνω αποτελούν ένα δείγμα του τι έπεται. Παρακάτω ακολουθούν μια λίστα με όλες τις αλλαγές:

Lucky Lanterns

  • Stage three Lantern: It’s no longer possible to get two Loaded Dice or two Target Dummies
  • Stage four Lantern: It’s no longer possible to get two Loaded Dice or two Target Dummies
  • Stage four Lantern: It’s no longer possible to get three Item Components


  • Chosen Base Odds: 33 percent to 50 percent
  • Rolling Odds for level four: 60/40/0/0/0 percent to 80/20/0/0/0 percent
  • Chosen Bonus Spell Power: 30 to 15
  • Chosen Bonus Attack Damage: 20 to 10
  • Chosen Bonus Mana Reduction: 25 percent to 15 percent
  • Chosen Bonus Health: 400 to 300 (The bonus 200 health baseline that Chosens receive just for being Chosen is not affected here)


  • Assassin Crit Chance: 10/30/55 to 10/30/50
  • Assassin Bonus Crit Damage: 25/60/100 to 25/55/90
  • Brawler Health: 400/700/1,000/1,600 to 400/700/1,000/1,400
  • Brawler Attack Damage: 10/20/60/120 to 10/20/40/80
  • Cultist Supreme Overlord Galio (Cultist 9): Bonus Magic Resist: 20 to 60 (100 total)
  • Divine True Damage & Damage Reduction: 35/45/55/65 to 25/40/55/70
  • Elderwood Armor and Magic Resist: 15/25/40 to 15/20/30
  • Elderwood Attack Damage and Spell Power: 5/10/20 to 5/10/15
  • Warlord Health: 250/500/850 to 250/400/700
  • Warlord Spell Power: 25/50/85 to 25/40/70


One-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Diana Attack Speed: 0.7 to 0.65
  • Diana Pale Cascade Shield: 200/300/450 to 175/250/350
  • Diana Pale Cascade Orb Damage: 90/100/110 to 80/85/90
  • Fiora Mana: Mana: 0/75 to 0/95
  • Nasus Mana: 0/60 to 0/80
  • Nasus Magic Resist: 50 to 40
  • Nidalee bugfix nerf: fixed a bug where the range calculation was adding one extra Hex of distance
  • Nidalee Javelin Toss Damage: 225/300/600 to 100/150/250
  • Nidalee Javelin Toss Bonus Damage per Hex: 20 percent to 80 percent
  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage Scaling: 250/265/280 percent to 240/250/260 percent
  • Yasuo Striking Steel Attack Damage Scaling: 180/200/225 percent to 180/185/190 percent

Two-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Braum Attack Speed: 0.6 to 0.75
  • Braum Mana: 30/70 to 30/60
  • Nautilus Armor: 45 to 55
  • Nautilus Magic Resist: 30 to 40
  • Nautilus Fabled Shield Damage Reduction: 60 percent to 50 percent
  • Teemo Sporecloud Dart prioritization: Highest Attack Speed to Current Target
  • Zed Attack Speed: 0.8 to 0.75

Three-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Irelia Bladestorm Disarm Duration: 2.5/3/3.5 to 2.5/3/4 seconds
  • Katarina Death Lotus number of targets: 4/6/8 to 4/5/6
  • Katarina Death Lotus total Spell Damage: 600/900/1,650 to 600/900/1,500
  • Kennen Slicing Maelstrom Damage: 150/225/375 to 200/300/400
  • Neeko Blooming Burst: 150/225/375 to 200/300/400
  • Neeko Fabled Bonus Multiplier: 200 percent to 150 percent
  • Nunu Consume Damage: 450/650/1,800 to 450/700/1,500
  • Shyvana Health: 750 to 700
  • Shyvana Magic Resist: 80 to 60
  • Shyvana Burn Damage: 150/300/600 to 125/250/500

Four-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Aatrox Infernal Chains Damage: 350/550/1,500 to 400/600/2,000
  • Aurelion Sol Voice of Lightning Damage: 325/500/1,750 to 325/500/1,400
  • Cho’Gath Armor: 40 to 60
  • Cho’Gath updated his Rupture targeting to be slightly less random and hit crowds more frequently because that’s what crowd control is for
  • Kayle Divine Ascension Wave Damage: 100/180/500 to 100/150/400
  • Morgana Hallowed Ground Damage: 250/400/2,000 to 250/400/1,600
  • Olaf Ragnarok Cleave Damage: 40/45/50 percent to 50/50/50 percent
  • Olaf Ragnarok now blocks the AD Reduction debuff
  • Talon Truestrike Attack Damage Scaling: 240/250/275 percent to 240/250/300 percent
  • Tryndamere Spinning Slash now looks for targets in a slightly larger range to spin toward
  • Tryndamere Spinning Slash dash speed increased
  • Tryndamere Mana: 50/100 to 60/100
  • Xayah Featherstorm Attack Damage Scaling: 250/275/325 percent to 250/275/350 percent

Five-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Ornn Artifact, Eternal Winter hits until Frozen: Five to seven
  • Ornn Artifact, Manazane Mana Restore Duration: Eight to four seconds
  • Yone Seal Fate Damage: 600/1,200/9,999 to 800/1,200/20,000
  • Yone Unforgotten Damage: 350/600/1,500 to 350/750/9,999
  • Samira Attack Range: 660 to 420


  • Deathblade AD Per Stack: 20 to 15
  • Deathblade Starting Stacks: One to four
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 15 to 20
  • Statikk Shiv no longer deals bonus damage to Shields
  • Statikk Shiv can now critically strike
  • Statikk Shiv crits reduce the Magic Resist of targets hit by 60 percent for six seconds
  • Statikk Shiv damage: 80 to 60
  • Statikk Shiv Targets Hit: 4/5/6 to three
  • Sunfire Cape Burn Application Cadence: Two to 2.5 seconds
  • Quicksilver now blocks the AD Reduction debuff

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where critical strikes triggered by the Executioner trait did not add stacks to Titan’s Resolve
  • Fixed a bug where combined Ornns don’t give you the proper amount of progress towards making an artifact
  • Fixed a bug where if your bench is full and you make a three-star Chosen that Chosen doesn’t get benefits
  • Fixed a bug where Olaf could be kicked off the board by Lee Sin while Ragnarok was active
  • Fixed a bug where The Boss did not trigger its true damage buff if Sett was healed to full health by sources other than sit-ups (e.g. Anima Visage)
  • Fixed a bug where Zilean wasn’t properly deprioritizing summoned units with Rewind Fate
  • Tryndamere’s Spinning Slash now runs through his attack flow (applies effects like Statikk Shiv’s bonus damage or Guinsoo’s Rageblade’s bonus attack speed)

Το εν λόγω patch αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσει σήμερα.

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